Our Mission:

To lead guests on the adventure of a lifetime
 To inspire a sense of awe and wonder
 To build a desire to seek adventure and the need to explore
 To help guests learn more about themselves through traveling to unique and interesting places
 To help guests gain a better understanding and appreciation for their place in the world
 To make guests fall in love with travel

Discovery. We all have reasons for doing the things we love. For me, it’s a sense of discovery that drives me in my travels to new places. The excitement of exploring a new city, or being surrounded by untamed wilderness can't be described. Such events must be experienced. There is so much out there to see and experience that is, simply put, different. Whether it’s walking through a slot canyon in Utah, hiking up a frozen river in the Canadian Rockies, or zipping across an iceberg filled lagoon in a Zodiac boat in Iceland, adventure is out there, waiting.

Education. I love to learn. Traveling provides the greatest opportunity for learning; stepping into another culture or community to gain an understanding of how others live and think, forming your own opinion instead of reading someone else’s thoughts is enlightening to say the least. You learn more about yourself, not just in your reactions to a new culture, but in the time you have to yourself to reflect, outside of the normal confines of daily life. You learn more about those you care about, your travel companions, and grow closer. Not to mention geology, government, wildlife, music, art, just about anything you care to learn about.

Planning. I have found over the years that I love putting together a trip almost as much as taking it. Learning as much as I can about a place, how things work, transportation, schedules, lodging, having contingency plans in place for when things don’t go exactly as expected, gear preparation, route planning, all that goes into making a trip come together - I absolutely love it. Make no mistake, it’s a lot of work. And it’s risky - on-line reviews will only get you so far. The on-line description of that 4-star hotel, right in the center of downtown, can in reality be a 20 minute walk to shops and attractions, with a lumpy bed and terrible service. A discount excursion company found in a Google search has old vehicles that tend to break down. These are all things that take being on-site and going through in person to find out first hand. Staying in different hotels to find the best options, going on excursions with different companies, vetting them through the tourist board and locals to find the best adventures for your money; these are the things that I love to do. It’s what TWP Adventure Company can provide - peace of mind. You can book your trip knowing that you will have the best accommodations and the best excursions, and none of the risk of choosing a bad option.

I hope you’ll consider a tour with us. I will personally be leading all tours in 2016. My goal is to make sure that everyone in our small group gets everything they can out of their Iceland experience, and comes home happy and with stories they will tell for the rest of their lives. Lets go on an adventure together.

Tommy Warren

Owner, TWP Adventure Co., LLC

I love Iceland. I fell in love with Iceland my first trip there. The incredible scenery, the people, wildlife, geology, history, coastline, glaciers, volcanoes, canyons, rivers, waterfalls (oh, the waterfalls!) - Iceland has so much to offer. Discovery, Education, Adventure… all these things that Iceland offered up to me I wanted to share. I wanted others to have that feeling, to help get them to a place where they could experience it, and selfishly enjoy their sense of wonder and joy while they did. That is the essence of what TWP is. It is why I created it, and it’s why I am focusing all of our tours specifically on Iceland to start.


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