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Iceland Adventure


All participants of a TWP Adventure Company, LLC (from this point forward referred to as TWP) tour must read, and agree to these terms and conditions to have a confirmed registration and participate in a TWP tour.


Any minor (participant under the age of 18) may only participate in a tour if registering with a responsible adult.


TWP is not responsible or liable for expenses not expressly listed in the ‘What’s Included’ section of the trip description. This includes meals, transportation, hotel costs, other fees or expenditures not specified as included in the trip cost, but which may be needed to get to the trip start or return at the end the of the trip. Any incidental purchases at lodging destinations are not included. Rooms and breakfast are provided as part of the tour cost. Any other purchases are the responsibility of the guest. Guests will be asked to provide a payment method upon check-in at the lodging destination to cover incidental charges. Keep in mind that many hotels will put a hold on a set amount of money if a debit card is used to guarantee incidental charges, and it may take several days after departure for the hold to be released. Any charges outside of a room and breakfast are the guests responsibility and as such any disputes on these other charges are between the lodging management and guest.


TWP reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, means of travel, lodging, etc. as necessary to accommodate the well-being and safety of guests, and improve the quality of the tour. Reasons for changes to the itinerary include, but are not limited to: weather conditions, cancellations or errors in booking by 3rd parties, or other circumstances that make items on the itinerary unavailable or unsafe for guests.


Tour participants grant TWP permissions to take photographs and/or videos during the tour that may include the tour participants, and be used for promotional and commercial applications, as well as approving use by third parties in which TWP may participate with in joint marketing, without any financial remuneration.


Participation in TWP tours requires a moderate level of fitness. Guests are expected to be prepared for multi-hour hikes each day across varied terrain. Being at the proper fitness level at the beginning of the tour is the responsibility of the guest. Refunds will not be issued in the event a guest is unable to complete or participate in an excursion due to lack of fitness. Review the itinerary for a more detailed list of activities in which guests will participate.


Pricing is based on double occupancy. Single occupancy will incur additional fees. Double occupancy rooms may include a double bed or two twin beds. While we will accept and try to meet any requests for bed types, it solely at the discretion of the hotel, and TWP is not responsible for and cannot guarantee requests will be met.


It is essential for the safety of all guests, TWP guides, and third party operators, that guests follow guide instructions. This is important at all times, but critical while participating in excursions. Guests who refuse to follow guide instructions or cause unsafe conditions for other guests, will not be allowed to complete or participate in the excursion. No refunds or consideration will be granted in the event a guest is withheld from an excursion due to their own conduct.


TWP reserves the right to withhold participation of guests from excursions or activities based on the guests ability to complete the activity safely. This includes intoxicated guests. No refunds or consideration will be provided to the guest if participation is withheld due to unsafe conditions created by the guest.


TWP reserves the right to withhold participation of guests who are abusive to other guests, trip leaders or third parties, or if it is determined they are detracting from the enjoyment of the trip by others. No refunds or consideration will be provided to the guest if participation is withheld due guests behavior towards others in the group.


TWP will issue full refunds prior to tour start, or partial refunds if during the tour, in the event the tour is canceled due to extreme circumstances, including, but not limited to: volcanic eruption in Iceland, terrorism, etc.


Passports, any required documentation, inoculations, or other requirements for international travel are the sole responsibility of trip participants. Guests who have not procured the proper travel documents and are unable to participate in the tour will not be given refunds. Make sure and have passports taken care of as soon as possible to ensure this is not an issue.


During some tour activities, guests will be required to complete the activity together as part of the group for the safety and well being of each guest (guided glacier hike, etc.). For other activities, it is at the discretion of each guest, to participate with others or explore on their own. Guests are expected to verify with the TWP group leader at each destination the time for return. Bringing a watch or other means of keeping time is essential. Guests are expected to return to the designated meeting spot at the scheduled time.


You will be expected to carry your own luggage and gear on the trip. Each guest will be allowed at maximum, one moderately sized suitcase and a carry-on, plus purse or similar. It is imperative that we keep the amount of luggage at a manageable size so that we will be able to comfortably store it in our modified 4x4 for travel across the Southern portions of Iceland. Any valuables brought on the trip are the sole responsibility of the guest bringing them. TWP cannot be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged items.


Guests are responsible for providing their own proper clothing. Iceland, even in summer, can have unpredictable weather. Guests should be prepared for cold, near freezing temperatures, brisk winds and rain. Guests should also be prepared for sunny weather with highs in the 60s. Proper, sturdy hiking boots will be needed for participation in the glacier and Thorsmork hiking excursions.


After completing the registration form, guests will receive an invoice by email for the tour deposit. The tour deposit is $750 and is due within 14 days of registration. The remainder of the tour price will be invoiced on May 1, 2017. Payment in full is due by May 15, 2017.


Any registration that occurs after May 1, 2017, requires full payment within 14 days of registration.


Cancellations may be made no later than May 15, 2017. Cancellation made on or before May 15, 2017 will receive a 50% refund of the deposit amount, or $375. Guests who have paid in full, or amounts greater than the required deposit amount will receive a refund of the total amount paid, less $375. Cancellations made after May 15, 2017 will result in forfeiture of the deposit amount or total amount paid.


TWP highly recommends trip insurance for all guests. Trip insurance is available from numerous insurance companies and sources and can cover anything from travel expenses,  personal injury or trip cancellation. The website, http://insuremytrip.com, provides users with a choice of coverage options across many different insurance companies, making it easy to shop. TWP is in no way affiliated with insuremytrip.com and offers no guaranties, warranties and holds no liability in relation to the use of the insuremytrip.com service or products.


TWP reserves the right to cancel the trip if the minimum required participation is not reached. Full refunds will be issued in the event the tour does not run. TWP is not responsible for any expenditures made by clients outside of the fee paid directly to TWP. Client are advised to not purchase airline tickets until confirmation is provided by TWP that the trip will operate. Tour operation will be determined no later than May 15th, 2017.


TWP requests that guests consult with a TWP representative before purchasing airfare. In the event a guest finds a flight deal that is too good to pass up, and the tour does not operate, TWP is not liable for any expenses or charges outside of the fee paid to TWP for the tour itself. TWP will make every effort to help the guest find lodging and plan a trip of their own in this instance.

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